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I've been following Tessa(on instagram) for some time now and her content always makes me happy and i love her story sales! I've purchased something for the first time, very quick delivery, and my oh my... what a great vintage item!
The description of the items are super acurate!
Tessa you're an amazing sweet woman!
— Janine S.
Tessa always packs in a little extra love, to receive a parcel from this shop is literally a tiny party!
Great condition, cared for items and rapid delivery! Love it!
— Milou P
Tessa has such a cool taste in Vintage items. She curated unique pieces and presents it with style and humor. I bought a beautifull/fun sweater and i'm super happy with it. It turned out to be exactly what I hoped for. There was a Thank-you card in the parcel (allways nice to find) and it was delivered rapidly. Would recommend!
— Krista
I purchased an amazing item from this shop. It got delivered in a matter of moments! It arrived in cute packaging with a special extra gift, such a surprise! Very happy with my purchase.
— Frances P.
I've purchased several item from Vintess Vintage, and im very happy with every piece. Quality is great, smells amazing, its securely packaged and rapidly shipped.
Tessa's customer service is great and I think she finds the most amazing Vintage pieces. I definitely recommend!
— Maaike K
Nice communication with the owner. I've bought several items from this shop allready. Everything is correctly measured and discribed so you will know exactly if it will fit you or not.
Shipping is fast and nicely packed.
No holes, no stains etc. Its great!
— Loes B.
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Store owner - Tessa

How it started

I grew up surrounded by all kinds of yarns, fabrics and knitting machines. My parents had their own shop and made their own designs. I literally played hide and seek with my brothers in piles of fabric "waste". My mother even made clothes for my Barbiedolls, life was good.

Becoming an designer or store owner myself did not interest me at first. I wanted to be a photographer, so I went to a photography school.

When I finished my education, I felt lost. I didn’t want to create images for other people, it made me feel insecure and was never able te be proud of my work. A result of working draining jobs was that I stopped photographing all together, I simply didn't have the time and energy anymore.
I lost interest in photography all together because i could not imagine a life where i would feel secure enough to e creative with it again.

However.. My love for fashion(..)